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iPaddock machinery is specifically aimed at cost effectively taking the stress out of major farm jobs, while drastically improving productivity. After all, Productivity equals Profit.

Our Innovations: The Unstacker and Alpha Disc

The Unstacker (Patent App) picks grain up off the ground and puts it into waiting vehicles at over 6 tonnes per minute.  When the crop is ripe, you’ve got to get it off.  Every day lost at harvest is up to a 1% loss in value, and even a one day delay early in a 5000t cereal program equates to 25t of lost yield. (SEPWA, 2007). The Unstacker allows you to drop grain anytime on an unprepared paddock site and pick it up just as easily, so the headers never have to stop: trucks or no trucks.

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View Unstacker Specifications

  • Discharge auger: 15″
  • Discharge rate: Maximum 7 tonnes per minute, Constant 6 tonnes per minute
  • PTO requirement: 540rpm.
  • Power requirement: Minimum 100hp, Optimum 160hp
  • Sweep height adjustment: Hydraulically controlled from tractor
  • Width: available from 4.5m to 6m cutting width
  • Expected grain wastage:
    • Nil loss on a hard well prepared pad (cement, clay, gypsum) if covered
    • Under 1% loss (equates to around $3/tonne) on an unprepared, uncovered paddock surface (stubble).
  • Patent App. Number 2016900315

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Alpha Disc (Patent App) is a robust, low maintenance, low cost single disc seeding system that uses a rippled disc and load bearing press wheel to accurately place seeds into a firm, well shaped furrow.  Seeding with discs can increase productivity by 50% with the same size machine, but conventional disc seeders are notorious for reliability and chemical issues in Australian conditions. Alpha Disc is the answer to these issues.  Built in Canada using the latest Aeon rubber spring technology, Alpha Disc units are now available as bolt on modules to suit standard 4″ (100mm) tool bars.

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View Alpha Disc Specifications

  • Discs: 18″ self sharpening ripple profile, 4mm thick
  • Press wheels: 70mm wide, semi pneumatic,  flat profile (Other profiles by request)
  • Seed/Fertiliser Boots: low pressure rubber suspended floating seed boot, self cleaning, also acts as mud scraper
  • Liquid fertiliser/fungicides/wetters: safely banded to the side of the seed, against the shoulder of the furrow
  • Row Spacing: 190mm (7.5″) or 380mm (15″) (Other spacings by request)
  • Rows per unit: 2 at 190mm, or 1 at 380mm (Skip row option available, eg. 190/380/190/380mm))
  • Fertiliser toxicity risk: very low when used at 190mm row spacing
  • Downforce: Aeon rubber cushion spring, variable from 0 to 150kg per row
  • Moving components
    • Large diameter heavy duty urethane bush on main jump pivot (greasable); 1 per 2 rows
    • Disc hubs: Extreme service replaceable SKF Hub with 5 way seal labrynth; 1 per row
    • Press wheels: Internal replaceable double row, double sealed bearing; 1 per row
    • Seed/Fertiliser boot: High grade hardened steel; 1 per row
  • Toolbar mount: requires 4″ (100mm) square tube mounted horizontally at 600mm working height
  • Number of ranks: only 1 rank is required at all row spacings
  • Toolbar options: currently sourcing 9m, 12m and 24m CTF toolbar options (Other widths by request)
  • Ask us about using Alpha disc units as heavy duty leading coulters
  • Patent App. Number 2016900544

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Built, tried and tested in the real world, by real farmers

The iPaddock Unstacker

The iPaddock Alpha Disc