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Mic talks about the farming systems they use on their WA properties at the 2016 SANTFA conference. View here

Whats new at iPaddock?

“Let’s go shopping!”

As a major milestone for iPaddock, you can now buy your iPaddock Turbodrums and Alpha discs direct from our website!

We’re proud to say that our iPaddock Alpha disc narrow row space seeding modules have leapt ahead in the last 12 months, with our first full scale production run now shipped, and ready for 2018 orders.  iPaddock being iPaddock, you can now buy your Alpha disc units directly from this website, on our brand new Online Store page.  No nasty dealer markups around here*!  If you’ve thought about discs but haven’t found a decent one yet, get yourself an Alpha disc unit to try this season. Find out what the fuss is all about!

(*Seriously though, dealers are very welcome! Send us a message to find out more about our dealer package)

Turbodrum takes off

In our first year of selling Turbodrums it certainly got a little crazy, with close to 400 units sold by the end of harvest 2017.  Phillbourne did an amazing job keeping up with demand, even when the phone ran hot once the headers cranked up.  The positive feedback, especially of faster, stress free harvesting, has been amazing.  If you’re still thinking about a Turbodrum for next harvest, checkout #turbodrum on social media, or ask a neighbour what they thought of their’s.  We love that word of mouth is what sells iPaddock stuff.  Click this link to find out more about Turbodrum.

Word seems to have got out about the Unstacker as well, with more machines sold for last harvest, and another unit ready to go right now if you want to get serious about on using farm bunker storage.  The last 3 machines were our first run that were built using full CAD design, and Trevor at Wicked Welding has got them down to a fine art.

Make sure you check out our new iPaddockIndustries page showing off the awesome iPaddock Unstacker grain handling machine, and the iPaddock Alpha Disc high productivity seeding system. We are committed to any technology that makes the job of farming easier and more profitable, and will make it ourselves if no one else will. That’s what drives us here at iPaddock!

“iPaddock goes to Hollywood”

Darryl Anderson and the team from Anvil Media recently put together a great one minute movie clip for us, explaining beautifully why our iPaddockYield App has become the benchmark Yield Forecasting tool used by farmers right across Australia. Check it out!

Born out of the need for practical tools for practical farmers, the iPaddock suite of Apps are the creation of Western Australian Grain Farmer and Mechanical Engineer, Mic Fels.

iPaddock brings to you iPaddockSpray and iPaddockYield – functional, farmer-focussed Apps designed to save you money, optimise your yields, improve productivity, and increase your profits. iPaddock Apps are easy to use for every skill level, regardless of your App experience. They are fully hosted on your device, with no requirement for internet access other than for syncing devices, so they work, in the paddock where you need them most.

Multiple device syncing is free, and once you have installed an iPaddock App onto your device, you have everything you need, with no ongoing subscriptions or fees. You can literally download and go, all for a one-off purchase from the App store.

Built, tried and tested in the real world, by real farmers

iPaddock Apps are low cost, high value tools that will pay for themselves many times over through better decisions, better organisation, and removing human error from your daily operations.

Farm management for the 21st century

iPaddockSpray and the award winning iPaddockYield are both ground-breaking farm management tools that can be tailored to your specific farm requirements. Learn more about the capabilities of these apps and how they will benefit your farm, or simply download from the App store to start maximising your farm management potential today.

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  • This really is a practical and easy-to-use iPad app that has helped simplify my spraying operations.  I can set up tasks for employees to follow and know exactly what my team have achieved at any time during each day.  It reduces human error issues when mixing chemicals, which ultimately leads to a long-term big cost saving.  What a great tool for a grain grower’s toolbox

  • I would say the iPaddockSpray application is a real breakthrough in Australian farming technology. This ‘app’ provides a practical solution to managing any farm’s crop spraying program and also works as a great employee communication tool. The other benefits are that the farmer always owns the data for record management purposes, there are no on-going subscriptions and it is easy to use

  • I wish the iPaddock apps were around in the days when I was farming. I’ve never even used an iPad before, but I found iPaddockSpray so easy to use.

  • Being able to forecast your crop yield in July is the holy grail of farming.  Using iPaddockYield, farmers can make a more realistic decision rather than an optimistic decision and adjust their nutritional inputs in order to maximise their crop outputs and of course, farm income.

  • GRDC is proud to support the development of innovations such as the iPaddockYield app. It is an example of the ingenious solutions growers develop on their farms. I look forward to seeing growers across Australia increasingly using smartphone technology such as the iPaddockYield app to boost their productivity and profitability on farm.

  • Great app; the simplicity and freedom from mandatory membership sign ups is great!  Thank you for this incredible App!