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Mic Fels

Mic fels - Managing Director & App DeveloperGrain farmer, Engineer and iPaddock Founder

Mic Fels, with his wife Marnie, bought his first farm in the south east of Western Australia in 1992, after having grown up through the pioneering days of the Esperance farming region.  Both Mic and Marnie started out their careers with Engineering degrees, but soon found themselves drawn to the exciting opportunities and challenges of a life in agriculture.

Starting with a 900 Ha crop in 1993, they now crop 6300 Ha each year to wheat, barley and canola, in Esperance WA.

Within a year of the first iPads hitting the market, Mic had set up his own iPad based farm management system, to keep up with the organisation and coordination of their rapidly growing farm business.

After witnessing the value it created for their own farming business, including cost savings, massive efficiency gains and improved profits, Mic took the next step in developing the iPaddockSpray and iPaddockYield Apps, to help increase the profitability of farm businesses right across Australia.  Since then iPaddock has added a number of the more mechanical innovations and inventions Mic has developed to increase profits and production on their own broadacre cropping business.

The value of Mic’s innovations to the wider industry was recognised officially when iPaddockYield won the 2012 GRDC Grain Inventors Award, which was presented by GRDC at the Perth 2013 Agribusiness Crop Updates.  In 2017 Mic was the recipient of the Syngenta Growth Award in the Productivity category, in recognition of the benefits to the wider farm industry of Mic’s iPaddock innovative technology.

Rich Larcombe

iPaddock Chief Technology Officer

Rich joined the iPaddock team in 2017 to head up development of iPaddock Apps.

Utilising a wealth of web and app development experience gained from 20 years of commerical software engineering, Rich takes technical responsibility across our full suite of apps.

As full time tech lead with the breadth of skills to support development across all web, iOS and Android platforms, Rich is passionate about the continued success and adoption of iPaddock Apps.

Overseeing ongoing enhancements to our suite of apps, and with some exciting new ideas in the pipeline, Rich is keen to discuss the features that your farm apps require!

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