Download iPaddock Apps Now

Download iPaddock Apps Now

i-paddockSpray has no accounts, no subscriptions, and no ongoing charges. For a once only cost of just $269.99, download i-paddockSpray from the App Store and start managing your whole spraying operation from Planning, through to Tank filling and Record management, directly from your iPads.

At well under the cost of a single drum of chemical, i-paddockSpray will pay for itself many times over:

  • Virtually eliminates expensive calculation errors
  • No need to round loads off for your drivers: i-paddockSpray gets it right every time
  • Increased productivity: it’s faster than using a notebook (and it won’t blow out the door)
  • Constantly updates Area remaining and Litres required to finish a job
  • Live records at your fingertips 24/7

Download iPaddock Apps Now

Quicker. Better. Easier

  • Industry best value for money, with no ongoing subscriptions or fees
  • i-paddockSpray is quick and easy to learn. Even your Dad can work it out
  • Designed by a WA farmer to improve the profitability of every size farming business
  • Works anywhere: with or without mobile reception
  • Download and go: start your first spray load in seconds
  • Plan future spray jobs in advance, or just get out there and start spraying
  • Tank mix calculators tell you the exact amount of every chemical required, including those complicated topup loads
  • Re use your favourite brews, with shortlists of your favourite products
  • Comes pre-loaded with a comprehensive list of Australian ag chemicals, and you can quickly add your own if required
  • Virtually eliminates human error miscalculations every time you, or your staff, fill the boom spray
  • An efficient, confidential record management system that meets legal compliance and QA standards
  • You, and only you, own and control your data

A few tips for new users:

The best way to get to know i-paddockSpray is to get out in the paddock and use it.  We do recommend, however, that you read through the following tips and watch this quick Demo video before you start.  Remember to make use of the Feedback button in the App also, as it is your feedback that makes the next update even better.

3 Screens: Paddocks, Plans, Applications

  • Paddocks: View Paddock details (Area, crop type etc) and past Spray Records for each Paddock
  • Plans: Create Spray Plans in advance
  • Applications: Start a Spray job, and View past Spray Records in date order

Using Spray Plans

  • A Plan can be entered for all Paddocks prior to the Spray job and Prioritised ready for the boomspray driver
  • Tap on a Plan to create a new Task, which is preloaded with all Products and amounts required for the Plan

Using Tasks

  • Tasks are the actual individual spray jobs
  • A Task is used by the Operator to:
    • Work out how much of each product is needed for this Load
    • Record the Date and Time that the spray job was Started and Finished
    • Record the Hectares and Litres used for each individual spray job
    • Record the weather and other conditions, using the “Log Book” screen (Optional)
  • Make sure all of the white entry boxes have information entered, as these are used to calculate rates and amounts needed. Everything else is optional
  • There are several ways to start a new Task:
    • Tap a Quick Load button from the list on the Plans screen
    • Tap the Quick Load button on the Applications screen to create a new, blank Task
    • Tap on a Plan listed down the side of the Applications screen
  • Finish each Task and Start a new one whenever you finish either a Paddock or a Load

Built, tried and tested in the real world, by real farmers

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