Download i-paddock Apps Now

Download iPaddock Apps Now

i-paddockYield on your iPhone and iPad is a powerful decision making tool that will increase farm profits by providing live forecasts of your realistic yield potential during the growing season.

At only $169.99 as a once-off download from the App Store, with no subscriptions or ongoing charges, you can’t afford NOT to use i-paddockYield

  • Don’t spend money on fertiliser without knowing your TRUE yield potential
  • Every time you update rainfall, i-paddockYield updates your Forecast Yield
  • Syncs automatically to all of your devices
  • Use the i-paddockYield Forecast to optimise your Nitrogen rates
  • Grow cheap crops in the bad years, and big crops in the good years
  • Spend less than 1 tonne of urea to potentially save thousands
  • Under 30 minutes from installing to up and running. No in-paddock testing required
  • Incorporates a farmer designed rainfall recorder
  • Acclaimed winner of the 2012 GRDC Grain Inventors Award
  • Creates a farm specific yield forecast using your own historical rainfall and yield records, based on your season so far
  • Optimise grain marketing, fertiliser rates, fungicides and crop insurance premiums
  • Simple to use and works anywhere, with or without mobile coverage
  • You just need your rainfall history and annual average yields, and you are away

Built, tried and tested in the real world, by real farmers

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