iPaddock TyphoonTM supersedes the original iPaddock TurbodrumTM, marking a new generation in updated feed drums for Macdon draper fronts. 

iPaddock’s next generation TyphoonTM feed drum with TwisterTM chain tensioner.

The ultimate combination for high productivity harvesting.

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FREE iPaddock TwisterTM included for a limited time!

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Suits Macdon CA20 (D60), CA25 (D65) and D/FD1 fronts

The original just got better: iPaddock’s new TyphoonTM feed drum

Farmers know the frustration of slow harvest speeds in bulky crops like canola, and even worse, the blockages and breakdowns often caused by the standard feed drum in draper fronts.

In 2016, iPaddock’s Mic Fels invented the world’s first updated feed drum for draper fronts, initially to solve issues with his own Macdon fronts, and named it the “Turbodrum”. It took off like wildfire across Australia, mostly by word of mouth and the power of social media.

In the updated TyphoonTM  feed drum, iPaddock has combined farmer and dealer feedback with our own extensive experience, harvesting over 20,000 hectares with our early Turbodrums since 2016.

With a new manufacturer and a raft of important structural and operational updates, the TyphoonTM  aggressively grabs crop and pulls it through in a constant, steady flow: day after day, year after year .

  • Up to 4 km/h faster than standard feed drums in difficult crops
  • Built stronger to eliminate downtime and expensive repairs
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Fully welded crankshaft
  • Solid steel fingers in a super aggressive pattern
  • iPaddock’s patented “paddle flights” prevent blockages and repeats
  • Unique, patented geometry creates a huge gap for pulling in bulky crops
  • Fully adjustable finger timing for optimum feeding
  • Easy installation with simple instructions

What’s new with the Typhoon

The all new iPaddock TyphoonTM  incorporates direct feedback from early Turbodrum owners, resulting in a whole new level of strength, adjustability and performance.  Updates included and exclusive to the all new, genuine iPaddock TyphoonTM:

  • Exclusive iPaddock quick-set finger timing system: 150° adjustment with just one nut
  • Thicker plate steel; fully welded internal structure
  • Easy, fast adjustment for both heavy and light, drought affected crops
  • The original, patented iPaddock Paddle Flights
  • All new high strength 2-piece retractable finger guides
  • Precision aligned, heavy duty crankshaft 
  • Free iPaddock Twister chain tensioner with every Typhoon sold (Read on for more information about the Twister)
  • Premium quality bearings used throughout
  • Integrated strengthener for Macdon D60 end support
  • Hardened 2-pack paint in distinctive iPaddock Green
  • Easy installation in just 2 hours: with all new, simple instructions
  • When you buy the genuine iPaddock Typhoon, you get genuine iPaddock support
  • Typhoon is protected by certified Australian Innovation Patent No. 2017101797 and is the subject of pending Australian Patent Application No. 2017322101

iPaddock TyphoonTM: Available Online Now!

$5995 including GST, freight free Australia wide.

Introductory offer: FREE iPaddock TwisterTM included for a limited time!

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Suits Macdon CA20 (D60), CA25 (D65) and now D/FD1 fronts

Also available from select dealers across Australia

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New release: iPaddock TwisterTM Chain Tensioner

Introductory offer: One FREE iPaddock TwisterTM with every Typhoon purchased!

The patent pending iPaddock TwisterTM is the latest invention from the iPaddock stable which fixes the problem of the drive chain for the feed drum coming off in Macdon fronts. The cam shaped slot makes precise adjustment of chain tension possible with just hand pressure, while preventing the tensioner from sliding loose in the track when it is tightened up again. Save yourself hours of lost time and operator frustration during your busy harvest.

No drilling, welding or cutting required; Twister is installed in just minutes. The iPaddock TwisterTM is just another game changer, proudly brought to you by iPaddock.

Available now in the iPaddock online store, and for a limited time you will get a FREE Twister with every iPaddock Typhoon purchased.

$149 including GST, freight free Australia wide.

(Suits all CA20 and CA25 fronts, even with the original feed drum and older model Turbodrums).

You will regret it later if you don’t fit a Twister!

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iPaddock: Built, tried and tested in the real world, by real farmers

A few messages from early adopters:

  • “Shes loving the big canola. Not even a stutter at the feeder”
  • “Pretty exciting how much it is pumping through. Like it should be from the start. Massive stuff”
  • “Actually driving machine to engine capacity now for first time in canola”
  • “In heavy barley it just loads the header up good, no fluffing and no noise”
  • “All good, works like a dream, cheers!”
  • “Before we were driving on the edge of the seat with the feeder slip clutch constantly going off in big lupins. We’re actually loading the engine up now, and the slip clutch hasn’t gone off once!”
  • “Our turbodrum was matching our Vario tin front in canola at 11 clicks on wheeltracks. With the turbodrum fitted, I honestly think our drapers are just a better all round front”
  • “In she went and away it went. Awesome so far. In some 7 ft canola, smashing it in!”

The business case for fitting an iPaddock Typhoon to your front

Every day lost at harvest is up to 1% loss in value. (SEPWA, 2007). Even one day lost with breakdowns or bad feeding in a 5000t program can cost you 25t of lost yield – that’s more than the cost of an iPaddock TyphoonTM.

You took all year to grow your crop; don’t risk having poor feeding, blockages, breakages, bent and broken crankshafts, broken end plates, and busted drive chains this year.  You can fit a new iPaddock TyphoonTM and TwisterTM in around two hours with the supplied instructions, and get on with the real job of getting the crop off and in the bin.

You will regret it if you don’t fit a TyphoonTM this harvest.

What makes the iPaddock Typhoon so fast, and so reliable?

The iPaddock TyphoonTM marks a step change in harvesting with draper fronts, but there are many incremental changes in the iPaddock TyphoonTM based on actual paddock experience that make it work so well. 

  • iPaddock’s unique patented paddle flights minimise repeating issues in light crops by eliminating the usual “dead zone” under the drum
  • Fast and simple adjustable finger timing through 150°, so you can easily adjust it for any conditions
  • Jam packed with retractable fingers in an aggressive pattern. Typhoon grabs crop and pulls it through in a constant and steady flow
  • Long stroke fingers and high flighting on a small barrel creates a big gap for bulky crops
  • Full width between the outer flights uses the whole feeder house, meaning more even wear all the way from the feeder chains right through the rest of the combine.
  • Large diameter, precision aligned and fully welded crankshaft
  • No internal reverse clutch required, which can be the cause of so many issues
  • Field-fit clamp-on retractable finger holders
  • Less shock loading and plugging significantly extends the life of the combine
  • Easy installation with clear instructions provided
  • iPaddock support: we don’t just make the product, we use the product and know how to make it work

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Credit cards, Paypal and EFT are all accepted. An invoice will be emailed directly to you.

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iPaddock: Built, tried and tested in the real world, by real farmers

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