End User License Agreement – iPaddockYield

If you purchase the iPaddockYield App you will need to acknowledge the following agreement.

You acknowledge and agree that the information provided by the iPaddockYield App (App) is for general informational purposes only and should not be solely relied upon when making financial decisions or planning and applying chemical and fertiliser applications to your crop, soil, and/or land (Land).

You acknowledge and agree that precise soil and climatic conditions, present and future, cannot be ascertained by the App and that any financial decision or choice of product for use on your Land is made at your own risk.  The information conveyed by the App should be used as a guide only and you should apply your own skill and knowledge, or the advice of an independent professional who has analysed your business, your Land and its requirements, in deciding whether or not to act upon the information provided by the App.

You acknowledge and agree that precise and accurate information is required to avoid property or environmental damage.  You agree that, to the extent permitted by law, myGrain Solutions Pty Ltd is not liable for any adverse results (including loss of Land, stock, profit, data or business) arising from use of the App or your reliance on the App’s recommendations.  This disclaimer is to be read in conjunction with Apple’s iOS and iTunes terms and conditions.

You will be asked to confirm your agreement and acceptance of these terms of use and disclaimer when you purchase the App and commence use.

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