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Alpha disc parts

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See notes below for a Recommended Incidental Spares Kit for new owners.

It is recommended to order a full set of replacement discs to have them on hand for your first disc change.

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i-paddock Alpha disc spare parts

Quality spare parts to suit Alpha disc row units.

Recommended basic Incidental Spares Kit for new owners:

4 x Disc

4 x Press wheel (complete)

2 x Agrihub (Disc)

2 x Agrihub (Press wheel)

2 x Boot arm kit

2 x Seed boot (Right)

2 x Seed boot (Left)

2 x Boot arm

1 x 1.5″ Hydraulic ram (v2.0.1 onwards)

Note: It is recommended to purchase a full set of replacement discs with your order, so that you have them on hand ready for your first disc change.

Backwards compatibility with i-paddock Alphadisc:

To ensure that critical parts are always available for your i-paddock Alphadisc units, right back to the first v1.0 units sold, all consumable parts for the i-paddock Alphadisc 2.0 are designed to be fully backwards compatible to be fitted to the original i-paddock Alphadisc 1.0 units, and we will continue to do so.

i-paddock Alphadisc 2.0 seed boots have had a number of updates and improvements since the i-paddock Alphadisc 1.0 was designed, with the new enhanced seed boots now supplied as a 2 piece unit, with the seed boot threaded onto the boot arm. i-paddock Alphadisc 2.0 “Boot arm kits” are now available as a bolt-on upgrade kit, and will bolt directly onto i-paddock Alphadisc 1.0 units to take the new replaceable seed boots.  This kit includes the fully updated v2.0 front boot suspension bush and brackets.

Alternatively, a short piece of M20 threaded rod can be welded to the original v1.0 boot arm to allow fitment of the new v2.0 (screw-on) boots to your original i-paddock Alphadisc 1.0 boot arms.

i-paddock: Built, tried and tested in the real world, by real farmers

The Alpha disc seeding system

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Alphadisc2.0 Parts

Disc 4mm: soft soils, Disc 5mm: med-hard soils, Seed boot left (METRIC), Seed boot right (METRIC), Boot arm (METRIC), Boot-arm conversion (Imperial-Metric), Boot arm kit, Complete boot kit LEFT (METRIC), Complete boot kit RIGHT (METRIC), Boot rubber bush, Boot pivot bush assembly, 13" SP Press Wheel Complete, 16" SP Press Wheel complete, 16" Wave Press Wheel Complete, 13" Press Wheel Tyre, 16" Press Wheel Tyre, 16" Wave Press Wheel Tyre, Alloy Rim, Agrihub (Disc), Agrihub (Press Wheel), Manual-hydraulic Control Valve, i-paddockActive Downforce Complete Pack, i-paddockActive Upgrade kit from Manual Control, i-paddockActive Upgrade kit from In-Cab control, 10m Extension harness for i-paddockActive, In Cab Electro-hydraulic Control Valve, PWM Cartridge valve with Coil, Top Link Compression Switch, Aeon rubber spring kit, 2" Hydraulic ram, 1.5" Hydraulic ram, Right Disc Hub Bracket, Left Disc Hub Bracket, Seal kit 1.5" ram, Seal kit 2" ram, Left Liquid tube, Right Liquid tube, Liq tube adaptor, Top Link Plug, Top Link Complete, Pivot bearing, Main Pivot Bush Half, U Bolt M20x100

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