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iPaddock Alpha Disc Seeding Units

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New stock in store now, still at 2021 pricing for a limited time.

Please click through the Alphadisc Parts section of the online store for recommended consumable parts to keep on hand with your new iPaddock Alphadisc untis.

The all new hydraulic, parallel lift Alphadisc2.0; twice as good, for half as much

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iPaddock Alpha Disc seeding units

The discs for farmers- who prefer tines!


PLEASE NOTE, we still have stock units at 2021 pricing for a limited time. We anticipate a significant price rise for the next shipment, please order now to avoid the price rise.

The durability of tines, with the precision and trashflow of discs, the iPaddock Alpha Disc is the disc seeder for farmers who prefer tines! Instant upgrade option for John Deere 1890, Tobin Bullet, Seed Hawk, Serafin, Morris Contour and similar toolbars.  Please note, if you have hard ground it is essential to have a heavy bar for the narrow row spacing (187.5mm) dual row option.

The unique dual row iPaddock Alpha disc units offer a low cost, low maintenance precision seeding option for high productivity and narrow row spacings, and will retrofit directly onto 4″, 6″ or 8″ toolbars including John Deere 1890 model disc seeders, at close to half the price of other disc seeding row units.  Other popular toolbars for retrofitting with iPaddock discs include the Tobin Bullet, Morris Contour, Serafin and DBS.  For not much more than the cost of rebuilding your John Deere disc seeder units, you can now fit an all new set of iPaddock discs for years of trouble free operation, while doing a better job of planting your crop, year in, year out.

Each row on the iPaddock Alpha disc has a custom designed rippled disc governed by a load bearing press wheel to accurately place seeds into a firm, well shaped furrow, without the big issues of mud blockages common on gauge wheel disc seeders. The standard dual row iPaddock units have 2 discs spaced at 187.5mm (7.5″), which dramatically lowers the cost of achieving narrow row spacings for improved yields and weed competition.  The unique iPaddock Alpha disc dual row system also means every disc can be mounted on a single rank, eliminating the serious issue of the rear row backfilling the front row, as happens with conventional multiple rank seeders.  This also greatly simplifies pipe checking and maintenance. No more grovelling around under the machine in the dirt!

Seeding with discs can increase productivity by 50% with the same size machine, but other disc seeders are notorious for reliability and chemical issues in Australian conditions.  iPaddock Alpha Disc is the solution to these issues.

Australian designed by  iPaddock‘s Mic Fels, the iPaddock Alpha Disc is the first true broadacre, no maintenance precision disc seeder.

Compatible with most 4″ (100mm), 6″ (150mm) and 8″ (200mm) toolbars.

Single disc systems typically use an even number of Left and Right hand units to balance side draft, with Left units on the Left and Right units on the right side of the toolbar.  This creates a “toe-in” effect which helps machine tracking.

At 187.5mm row spacings you will need 2.67 Standard Dual units per metre width. This equates to 24 units (12L, 12R) for 9m/48 rows; 32 units (16L, 16R) for 12m/64 rows; 48 units (24L, 24R) for 18m/96 rows. Contact us for advice on other configurations.

iPaddock: Built, tried and tested in the real world, by real farmers

The iPaddock Alpha disc seeding system

Additional information

Weight 120 kg

Alphadisc1.0, Alphadisc2.0


Dual Row Hydraulic, Single Row Hydraulic, Trial Unit Dual Row Aeon Spring, Trial Unit Single Row Aeon Spring


Left side of machine, Right side of machine

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